Bridal Party

It's the NEW Craze! Be Your own Superstar!

 So, we have all heard of the first dance… but what about the dance to get the whole party started??? At StarFire PRO, you and your wedding party can learn a custom dance routine to perform for your wedding guests. What better way to start the celebration of your marriage than with an element of surprise??? Tell us your wedding theme, any vision or suggestions for the routine or song choice you may have, and any other details that you think we would need to know, and we will do the rest. Even if you are not quite sure where to start or what you would like, StarFire PRO also has many songs in our wedding routine song collection, based on theme and dance genre, so we can design the perfect dance for you. 

In-studio consultations can be scheduled upon request free of charge. All you and your party have to do is show up for some stress-free fun and we take care of the rest.

Sessions last 1 hour and meet from 2-5 times based on your group needs. We will provide your group with two CDs or mp3 copies of your music. A personalized routine practice DVD can be purchased, along with any costume items or prop items you may want or need. Please email us at  to reserve your spot at least 2 weeks prior to when you would like to begin your group lessons.

Session Prices

2-day session ($200)

3-day sessions ($250)

4-day sessions ($325)

5-day sessions ($375)

Need more sessions??? ($25 per additional session)

Extra routine Music Copies: $5 each

Routine Practice DVD: $50 (copies available for purchase)

Custom costume items or props: call for a price quote based on quantity and item(s)