Think you have what it takes to be part of the Only Semi PRO Youth Dance Team in Texas known as the Maya Christine Dance Company?

You're Invited to Join our Family

 Warm weather, an elite performance stage with local NFL and NBA teams, and Named the Heartbeat of Texas. It’s true that StarFire PRO attracts the most radiant and talented young women looking for an “in” into the PRO entertainment industry. Being A member of the MCDC can afford you this distinctive opportunity. Our success of those who have entered the Music, NFL and NBA worlds under the training of StarFire PRO is beyond the stars! In 2015 StarFire PRO was featured on the Hit TV show Making the Team with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT! Also, our MCDC made its opening season Television Debut in 2014 during a live VH1 Television Taping with Music icon “Tiny” and Lifetime TV “Bring It as Entertainment! 

Who is MCDC?

Maya Christine Dance Co. aka MCDC

 The MCDC dancers set the youth industry standard in terms of Fireworks! If you’re dynamic, well-spoken, and talented, and you have the drive and dedication that it takes to be a part of The Most Popular Youth PRO Dance Team in Texas, then come and audition to be an MCDC Dancer! Pre-Registration is highly recommended-Send your RSVP to our email: List your dancer's name, age, city/state and level of experience.


Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Registration/Warm-Up Time: 10:30am Choreography 11:00a 

Performance/Announcement Rounds: 2:00pm

Parent/Guardian Information Meeting: 2:45p

Location: 1615 North Hampton Road Suite #220 DeSoto, TX 75115


Note: Must be at least 5 yrs. of age by March 14, 2020

This casting call will be closed during the instruction round (candidates only) Parents are invited back at 2 pm to view what your daughter has learned and a brief performance by current MCDC members.

REQUIRED ATTIRE: A two-piece form-fitting outfit is required. NO jeans, baggy pants, oversized tees, skirts, flip flops, big tennis shoes, boots, jewelry, NO Combat Boots

APPROVED ATTIRE: leotards, sports bras, shorts, yoga pants, and Capri styles, jazz pants, tanks, fitted tees, dance crop tops, dance paws, jazz shoes or non-marking tennis shoe soles


 1) All Candidates will come in a Register; here we will check for the following:  Photo (if no photo is brought with you, we will take a photo on the spot)  Registration Fee $10 and Fill out a brief Intro Card for your daughter

2) All candidates will be asked to come to the dance floor for a group warm-up and stretch

3) Candidates will then complete some across the floor combinations that will be taught this is just to see where each dancer’s skill levels is, we know what we need to work on with each one

4) Then a Jazz, Majorette and/or Hip-Hop Combinations will be taught– these will be short combos to get familiar with a few of the styles

5) Parents are then invited back at 2:00p to get a brief overview and view the candidates in what they learned that day. To get a visual of what MCDC does visit our Video page or YouTube page starfire1609!

6) All Candidates must bring a snack as this is a process. We will conclude with everything by 4 pm

7) Further directions will be given to parents and candidates during the parent meeting; which will be only 30 min.

8) All candidates will be given the result on the spot of the casting audition

9) Once your daughter is placed on a Team Level you must log on to the website to Setup your account. Details during the Parent Meeting. Registration is your Acceptance of the Invitation to Dance for the 2020-2021 season.


REHEARSAL SCHEDULE for 2020-2021 Show Season


* Company rehearsals are all weekend based only 2-3 weekends a month pending shows.  2020-2021 Season will be as follows:

MCDC Pink Stars- Beginner Mini Team ages 5-7 yrs.: basic musicality and dance precision are taught, cute family competition choreography as well as some MCDC Silver level choreography for game days. 

Rehearsal Schedule: (Choreo. & Technique) Saturdays 9:30a-11:00a; some select Fridays before Shows 7:00pm-9:30p

MCDC Silver StarsBeginner-Intermediate Team:  must be able to catch on choreo. , professional executions, learn various dance basics under a strict schedule of deadlines and able to practice at a high rate of accomplishing various turns and jumps that will be required for shows, etc.  

Rehearsal Schedule: (Choreo. & Technique) Saturdays 10:30a-1:00p   some select Fridays before Shows 7:00pm-9:30p

MCDC Black StarsIntermediate-Advanced Team:  must be able to catch on choreo quickly, professional executions splits, high kicks, heel stretches, toe touches, intro to ballet pointe, and able to practice at a high rate of accomplishing various turns and jumps that will be required for competitions, etc.  

Rehearsal Schedule: (Choreo. & Technique) Fridays 7:00pm-9:30pm Saturdays 1:00p-4:00p

* Team levels will be announced after the performances to determine what level your daughter will begin on for the season. Level Graduation is available for those that excel fast at learning the required technique! Level Up Graduations will take place once a year! This is determined by the director!