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Ballet is a beautiful incredibly athletic art form that has been amazing audiences for centuries. It is a disciplined form of dance that strives for perfection while exuding elegance, grace, and control. Ballet class is the study of body positions, awareness, and alignment. It is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms and is highly suggested as a base to be taken before and during further dance training. This genre of dance is very hard to master and requires much practice but is endlessly beneficial. Dancers will work to improve posture and flexibility. They will concentrate on pointing their feet, strengthening ankles, understanding and increasing turn out, using their plie’, learning to stretch fully through their extensions that will keep their joints supported, etc.


This style of dance is fun and energetic and tends to be a favorite. It is used highly in commercial industries for its entertainment value. Jazz dance has roots in ballet, modern, acrobatics, African rhythm, Caribbean, etc and is constantly influenced by all genres and in turn, jazz also influences them. Jazz is normally more upbeat and tends to be more grounded with strong various movement and dynamics. Our classes will begin with a warm-up exercising muscles and joints to increase strength and mobility. Dancers will work to find balance by using their central core and practice coordination techniques and isolations. This will be followed by stretches to increase flexibility and understand turn out. Next will be progressions across the floor learning transitions, footwork, turns, extensions, jumps, leaps, floor work, etc.


Hip hop is a very energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. Hip hop dancing is an ideal way to express one’s creativeness. It features self-impressions, and the dances come from the soul. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip-hop music. This class focuses on breaking, popping, locking, and freestyling in hip hop dances. Dancers will practice various techniques, steps and moves focusing on rhythm, clear and elaborate execution and musical interpretation.



Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.


This fun and the challenging class focus on learning “dance tricks”: jumps, turns, floor work and combinations of each. Students will gain strength and placement through conditioning exercises to warm up. These training routines focus on the dancers’ core as well as feet and ankles and will be done in consistent repetition to encourage improved jumping and balancing techniques. Students will then be guided in the proper way to approach their tricks safely, and with correct technique, using guided progression tactics. They will practice proper execution, blending tricks with choreography, as well as the implementation of acro skills. Dancers can perfect their traditional jumps and turns, be challenged to obtain some new exciting tricks and maybe even create some of their own!


Lyrical- Can be considered a blend of ballet and jazz. It is characterized by the soft and smooth movement that parallels the music selection. Lyrical is meant to tell a story so dancers blend their traditional steps and moves with body language and mime techniques to express the choreographer's conceived notion and/or the lyrics of a chosen song. Students will also practice improv in these classes cultivating creativity and artistic courage.


Increase your flexibility and strengthen your body alignment through the art of stretching. Learn stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques to improve your mind and body connections. Whether you are a professional or recreational dancer, we all have goals of increasing flexibility, finding balance, and reducing pain and stress. Stretching reinforces healthy posture and body alignment. It also helps to prevent injury and elevate pain and stress. In this class, Amara employs many different methods of stretching, such as those which warm you up, cool you down, aid in relaxation, increase muscle and joint flexibility, and improve your mind and body connections. She takes a comprehensive approach by stretching the whole body but also takes requests for you to reach your goals.


Praise dancing is a form of dance that expresses outward praise to God mainly in church services. Praise dancing is also a synonym for liturgical dance which encompasses all expressions of worship and praise through dance. This type of dance has experienced a revival of sorts in churches across the globe. All cultures and ethnic backgrounds bring their own flare to praise dancing through their culturally specific movements. For example, praise dancers in Africa will use their bodies in praise with African dancing. American praise dancers tend to use more hand movements, ballet, and interpretive dance. Most praise dancing is done with upbeat music with lyrics that describe thankfulness or feelings of joy and praise.


Love to sing, act and dance? Our Broadway Babies, Broadway Kids, Broadway Stars, and Broadway dance classes are all designed to give your child the experience of the magic of musical theater in a whole new way. Dancers will learn to use their personalities and portray various characters through song and dance. This exciting class allows the dancer to tell a story that has been told already or one of their own in their very own dance production. Musical theater dance styles can be jazz-based, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and everything else in between. Our acting classes and exercises help encourage all the dancers to have confidence and a true love for musical theater. All dancers will learn proper stage terminology and dance terminology to communicate movement, direction, space, formation, casting, and interview. All our studio musical theater classes and productions are perfect for the more disciplined dancer who wants to take their dance instruction to a new level, or the dancer who just wants to have fun!


Originally created by the Famous Ballet and Jazz Choreographer the Late Mr. Hollis Pippin back in the ’80s and ’90s for the elite JSU Prancing J-Settes is dancing is high-energy, synchronized, rhythmic dance moves that draw from ballet, jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, and gymnastics. This fun and high energy dance style were adopted and duplicated by most Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Today, it has multiplied throughout the south while being admired all over the world. So many attempt to give it an African root feel for the hard-hitting hip and leg movements in every kick. Looking for a fun and sweat out? This is the class for you! 


Want to get back into dance, or maybe you just want some more “you-time” for fun. Then put on your leg warmers, get out those brightly colored tops and jump into our Ole School dance class!!! Our Ole School adult dance class is the perfect combination of fun and stress-free workout and a non-competitive dance class atmosphere. In this class, you will have some fun learning jazz and hip-hop style dance techniques and steps. With basic and beneficial warm-up exercises, floor work, fun dance routines, and friends, Adult Ole School is the perfect dance get-away for anyone who wants to have a blast every week!!


For aspiring professional dancers and cheerleaders! No matter where your spirit pushes you whether it’s the Music Industry, NFL, NBA, UHL, MLB, Arena, D-Leagues & More! Here is where you should start. Learn everything from nutrition, style, looks, and expectations in the area of your choice. Train with someone who has done it all! The perception that everyone can make it; is so far from the truth. It’s a competitive industry. Just because you may shine in your own circle of friends; challenge yourself to stand out among thousands who all strive for the few top spots. Show up to any audition with your A-Game Ready!

HEELS  101~

Do you want to dance for Beyoncé? Be in music videos? Tour with international celebrity artists? Travel the world on cruise ships? Perform in Vegas or on Broadway?…

You’re going to have to learn how to do EVERYTHING in HEELS!

HEELS 101 is a dance class/workshop that provides young dancers proper training in heels dancing, led in a safe environment by professional instructors.

HEELS 101 promises to provide a dance experience to help young dancers take their current jazz, street, funk, and hip-hop technique and teach them how to do it all in HEELS. After years as a professional dancer, choreographer, and after casting many projects, it was clear to Maya just how important it is for dancers, especially young women, to learn how to elevate their studio training and be able to execute advanced choreography in heels!

“At the age of 22, I was a hired as a professional dancer for the famous Earth, Wind & Fire on contract. We spent 5 weeks learning our choreography in jazz shoes and sneakers. At the end of the rehearsal contract, we were given a pair of 3-inch heels and told to ‘just do it all in these now!’ I was like… Ummm ok… I almost busted my ankle a few times! Let’s just say it wasn’t the safest way to learn how to dance in heels! Between turns, kicks, progressions, partner work, being thrown around, and learning to land safely in the shoes I was given, I was pretty much just winging it. I don’t think it’s safe and that is why HEELS 101 has been created- to provide a training environment for dancers considering a long-term career as a professional dancer”

“As a choreographer for my own dance company/pro sports /television projects/music tours, I’ve witnessed this all too many times: dancers come in, nail the choreography while you teach it to them, and when you ask them to put on HEELS, they crumble… and end up being cut in the first round. Not because of their ability to dance, but because of their inability to dance in HEELS. Building a solid heels technique will truly help you succeed!”

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