About Us

Dedicated Educators

Our StarFire faculty is comprised of the areas most accomplished & dedicated professionals and supplemented with some of the country’s most respected teachers to create an outstanding resource on par with any of the worlds most recognized schools. Our teachers meet regularly to discuss methods, individual students’ progress and needs, and to share ideas for the benefit of our school and all of our students. Many teachers can pass along steps, but a truly experienced, professional teacher can guide a young dancer through the gradual process of carefully and individually training their body; helping them not only achieve the unmistakable look of a dancer, with long lean lines, but also an instrument that is technically strong, allowing freedom of movement and the capability of executing even the most rigorous exercises with grace and style. A good teacher also understands the honor and etiquette of the art, which must be preserved and continued through new generations and will lend insight from their own professional experience. 

Our Philosophy

StarFire Productions believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to dance no matter the age or skill level.  We are a performance-based studio that strives for our students to become more confident, healthy, and strong while becoming beautifully graceful dancers.  Our curriculum is heavily influenced on ballet technique and as the dancers grow and mature is merged with modern techniques.  Our main objective is to train the dancers to know how to move their bodies correctly and safely so that they may dance for the rest of their lives, whether it be professionally or for recreation.  

Our Mission

 StarFire Productions is fully devoted to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their dance education. We strive to deliver the highest quality of dance training, while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. We wish to encourage our students to achieve their fullest potential – to support them as they grow artistically and academically, and develop into well-rounded individuals – nourished in body, mind and spirit. 

Classes and dance teams

MCDC -Semi-PRO Show Team


MCDC is the only Semi PRO Youth Dance Team in Texas! These talented young people come from all over the Metroplex for weekends of fun shows and dance! We have proven to see our students rise to stardom! Professionally trained in all genres of dance and history.  Honors include College Scholarships, Media, PRO Sports, and Community Visibility.  People won't forget the name Maya Christine Dance Co.

Dancing Scholar Classes


StarFire is known as the Heartbeat of Texas.   Enroll your children in our dance, musical theater  and other artistic classes.  With Fall and Winter sessions available, there's always an enriching experience available for your child. Or Join our successful performaing company dance team!

PRO Dance and Cheer


Auditions are fast approaching for the NFL, NBA, NHL and many more! You want to hear the truth, critiques that help you before the deadline, individual attention and dont forget choreography that will get you pass the first round. Ask a PRO at StarFire What does it take to get to the next Level. Privates are available as well. 

Darling Deputies Cheerleaders


Named the Best in the CIF! They began as the Mesquite Marshals and later the Dallas Marshals! Ladies have gone on to the NFL, NBA and NHL!! Under the Guidance and Direction of Miss Maya!

TX Revolution Dancers


One of the oldest teams in Dallas. The Championship TX Revolution Football League has proven to be champs. Under the Guidance and Directions of Miss Maya and Jamil Hermione!

JBA Dance Team


The infamous LaVar Ball came up with a great idea to assist young ballers get into the NBA as his oldest Son. So he started a Development legaue for his younger sons. He was smart to call on StarFire to lead his entertainment in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta!

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