MCDC Financials

MCDC Financials

Please read carefully before signing up for company Auditions

MCDCP (Most Caring Devoted Cheerful Parents )

Dance requires time commitment as well as financial commitment. Competitive dance opens up a world of art, expression, life skills, and discipline…. as well as your wallets. We understand that the financial commitments associated with the competitive dancer can be overwhelming at times. We believe that behind every great dancer is a great dance parent that sacrifices to give the gift of dance to their child or children. StarFire PRO has developed a fundraising organization open to all parents of Company dancers, parents, to help with the financial obligations and commitments associated with being a part of a competitive dance Company. MCDCP (Most Caring Devoted Cheerful Parents ) is an organization that allows you to choose what fundraising options you would like to participate in to help lessen or completely cover the costs of dance!!! Both group and independent fundraising options are available to you. Now, you can have the option to help make the personal expense of your child’s competitive dance training be more affordable without choosing between your wallet and the incredible gift of dance.

Company Registration/REFUND Policy
Takes place at the first rehearsal after Team meeting following weekend after auditions. Please see tuition and registration fee information for details on payment during registration. Payment for the first month of dance and registration fee is due upon registration completion. Any Team Gear orders for the new season must be placed and paid for upon registration as well. This may be paid in full or divided into payments.  Also, understand there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances if anyone decides to self terminate yourself or if dismissed from the team for defined reasons you are still responsible for any unpaid tuition, late fees.  Also should you self terminate, NO SHOW or Be Dismissed from the team; automatically you will be charged a month of tuition for proper exit of the team.  See fees below. We allow only a waive of late fees as a one-time courtesy per year. All others accrued will be removed under any circumstance. 

MCDC Monthly Tuition $165  which includes all required team classes. A family discount of 25% (applies to team immediate family members only with the 2nd child).

Competition Entry Fees
$50-$80 each dancer for small-large groups, $70-$115 for solos, duets, or trios
Selected Team Levels will take part in 1-3 local regional competitions yearly starting in November in some cases. Extra weekend rehearsals and meetings will be scheduled prior to and during competition season during the specified times on the studio class schedule. The entries your daughter may participate in will be added to your account to pre-pay early prior to a scheduled competition. Early preparation is key to avoid last minute crunches. 


PRO Sporting Events: 

Each year MCDC participates in Performances with The Texas Legends, WNBA Dallas Wings, NBA, or NFL events. We are required to sell a certain  number of tickets. This is achieved when divided among all MCDC members as they perform as a team during several of these events. Tickets range from $20-$103 pending level where you may want to sit during NBA games. Event tickets will be placed early on your account to pre-pay so that we are ready prior to game days. This will help plan early before the events come up so no worries before the event!

Uniform Fees
MCDC Season Uniforms and equipment $1200. You may pay in full or divide over 4 months.  This you may payout on your personal portal once you setup your account. It’s a one time investment as we use uniforms as they are available each year. The only time I’ve seen anyone have to buy a new 

costumes is if it gets damaged, or as your child grows.  All Solo, Duo and or Trio costumes are added into your account individually. Special solo, duet, trio, or production costume price may vary depending on custom detail or custom design. costumes may be eligible for special awards at competition.