PRO Camp

PRO Camp


Welcome to the most fun-filled Summer Color Guard and Dance Team Camp in the United States! During our 14th year, we will continue our tradition of excellence by providing exciting activities that will benefit all campers and their directors. The camp will give middle-collegiate school students an opportunity to interact with pros from various industries of entertainment.ALS Fundraiser


The StarFire PRO Summer Dance Program is a PRO Sports Style, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pom, High Kick and Drill Team intensive that also features specialty classes in Majorette Hip-Hop, African, Caribbean, Musical Theater, Latin and more. Classes are geared towards learning cutting-edge choreography that is exciting this new season. Students also work in small groups to create their own routines that are featured in a live performance. There is a placement and assessment class on the first day of the session; students are evaluated by the StarFire PRO Dance faculty and assigned to a group based on skill, performance, enrollment, and the dancer’s/groups preferred focus. During our camp there will be a spirited competition where major prizes are awarded. There are no auditions required prior to arrival at StarFire, so it is imperative that dancers understand what is expected of them at the time of enrollment.  All levels are encouraged to register. Let us handle the rest!  We encourage your team to participate this 2014 summer as a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Lou Gehrig’s Foundation. Dance for a Cure with us as we Dance to Give Life!  



Technique is taught through the development of the choreography to be performed for the dance video. Students in the one and two-week sessions master one dance piece for their video shoot and perform for a live audience at the end of the program. Students who are interested in the artistic process have the opportunity to become involved in choreography and costuming. Although most classes are geared towards learning choreography for the live performances and school year, others concentrate on improving technique, body conditioning, and improvisation, as well as developing style, stage presence, and confidence. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, there are special guest instructors, make-up and costuming sessions, pro audition and etiquette classes, dance-related interviews, and so much more. There is allotted time to work on the project outside of class and faculty guidance when needed. Dancers perform the class choreography, as well as their original work, on stage for a live audience.  In this way, students gain invaluable experience in both commercial and concert styles of dance and performance.


STARFIRE  offers Intermediate to Advanced dance intensives for teens. All applicants should have at least one year of consistent training in some form of dance, cheer or gymnastics. Students should dance a minimum of two hours per week and ideally have experience in a variety of disciplines. Students should be familiar with basic dance terminology, be able to demonstrate Jazz technique and/or be comfortable with fundamental Hip-Hop movement principles such as isolation’s  and groove. Most importantly, students should be eager and prepared to dance between 5-6 hours a day and be open to learning new styles while pushing themselves physically and mentally. In the Registration Details section of your online application, you will be asked which style you prefer to have more classes in.  All students receive instruction in most styles but will focus on one style for the class choreography piece(s) to be performed. Which style this will be depends on a number of factors such as enrollment, student experience/level and indicated preference. We cannot pre-determine the levels of our students, nor can students register for a specific level. Grouping of students is determined on the first day of the program. Students are encouraged to state their preferred style when they enroll and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.  Classes are taught to the highest level in the class, while each student is supported and challenged. Our seasoned staff is adept at creating choreography that will showcase each student’s abilities while challenging the group as a whole.

Student health form is included in this packet. It is mandatory that every student (resident and off campus) submit a health form in order to participate in the camp.


This camp is designed for beginner-advanced. This camp is designed to add to the core foundation that has already been established. Student should have at least one year of dance or guard experience prior to entering camp.


The camp will give young ladies an opportunity to interact with students across the country plus a chance to receive lessons from the world renowned performers. At the camp girls will be introduced to the following: 1. Intermediate to advanced lessons (progressions, struts, 8 counts, etc.) 2. Tips and strategies of what makes a successful dance group OR color guard. 3. Tips with cosmetics. 4. Two full routines and 3 pep routines.  And many more camp activities.

Team Status:

Resident Students or Individual/Commuter Student

Enrollment fees include:

Instruction on various techniques, all extracurricular activities such as Talent Night, three meals daily for residents only, Camp Tour at the chosen camp Registered site.

Please Note: Only certified checks or money orders accepted when mailing in your registration. No refunds are given once application and required deposit of $500 is received. It is understood that camp participants will not hold Maya Hayes (“the company”) sponsors or the university responsible for any loss of personal articles or any accidents, which may occur, during camp. Make Certified Check/Money Order Payable to:  The Maya Hayes Group.

Resident Students University dormitories and dining halls will be used by campers. Each dormitory is staffed with trained counselors. Dormitory facilities include recreation space and beautiful parlors. All meals are planned and prepared by trained dietitians. Curfew will be 9:00 PM in your room.

Off-Campus Students Off campus students will receive a lunch meal only and responsible for their own transportation to and from the University during the camp.

Room Assignment Room selection and assignment will be made at registration. Students wishing to room together are encouraged to check in together. Check in is scheduled for the first day Monday promptly at 8:00 am in your designated assigned dormitory. This will be given to you upon confirmation of your registration.

Equipment Needed for Camp

Your own flag (color guard campers) Sneakers (basically white) Light, comfortable clothing; appropriate dance and camp attire; see the Maya Hayes Group If you wish to purchase through the company. Personal items such as portable DVD players, mp3 players, etc. are permitted, but you are responsible for securing your items!

Linen & Toiletry Articles

Face & wash cloths Sheets (twin size) Pillow Cases Bath towels Toiletry items

Note: Rooms may be cool at night; campers may need a thick blanket or comforter


The Maya Hayes Group Summer Dance & Color Guard Team Camp is not only a very special opportunity to study with pros in the field, but it brings together the finest young performers for an experience in cooperative living in an atmosphere of culture. Sportsmanship and Desire for Learning are considered extremely important. Special recognition and awards are given to those campers who display both qualities along with other grand titles. Selection of awards is made by the faculty. NOTE: Extra copies of the Camp Application can be reproduced to accommodate your team of students.


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