Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of the HOTTEST JBA Dance Team in Dallas?  Have you ever wanted to Go PRO in the NFL or NBA? Here’s your chance to learn from the best of both worlds. Learn how to be a professional entertainer.

When: Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Where: StarFire Productions located at 1615 North Hampton Road Suite #220 DeSoto, Texas 75115

Registration Begins at: 7:00pm

Registration Fee: $40  (cash only)

Note: Must be at least 18 yrs. -up

Parking:  FREE in the Parking Lot

Pre-Registration: JBA Dallas Dance Team Audition Packet and Email it back to:  JBADanceTeams@gmail.com 

Registration Deadline: June 9, 2018   Late Fee Charged at the door of $5

Bring:  Photo IDCompleted Application, Full-Length Body Photo (non-returnable), Registration Fee and Water

Please Note: Auditions will be closed to inside the designated area, you may not leave the audition process at any time unless dismissed. The training camp candidates will have a quick meeting & begin rehearsal immediately following the audition selections.

Audition Requirements

*Required Attire: A two-piece form-fitting outfit is mandatory. You may wear jazz shoes or tennis shoes.  NO baggy pants, leggings, over-sized tees, or flip-flops

*Serious Inquiries Only

*All dancers must understand the commitment expected with this team is 150%

*All dancers must be flexible during the Spring and Summer months for: appearances, community events, photo shoots, rehearsals, or media

* You are allowed to audition for NBA Teams as they are during the summer as well; you must let the Director know first.

*All dancers are required to have had some type of dance experience via school drill team, cheer, studio, church, community groups are highly recommended.

Q & A

Q: What will we have to do?   A: All candidates will be asked to demonstrate technical and skill levels i.e. splits, kicks, pirouettes just to name a few

Q: Will there be a FreeStyle?  A: Yes

Q: Do we need our own performance?  A: No

Q: What will we learn?  A: Each candidate will learn 2 dance combinations (selected & taught by the Director)

Q: May we leave after auditions if selected?  A: No, immediate training begins after selections to prepare for the upcoming game day. Make sure you eat before auditions and have a small lunch on hand for a break this is not given at a specific time, no one can bring you anything, make sure to have all with you upon arrival.

Q: If I am selected then what?  A: You will be given a brief meeting regarding the inaugural season as well as begin training for the first game.

** All-Star Game will be in Chicago! Select Dancers may be chosen to go and perform!

For more information, you may email us at: JBADanceTeams@gmail.com


The team is Sponsored By: StarFire Productions